​​Facility Management​​​  

Keeps your facility running smoothly.

We collect data on your building's equipment and input some of the following:

Manufacturer's recommended maintenance information, Drawings of equipment and their location in the facility, Operating information and control diagrams, Other pertinent information associated with equipment..

We insert this information into a comprehensive database program of your choice to facilitate use and efficiently maintain your building.

Construction Administration​​

Consists of Bid Negotiations, Shop Drawings, Submittals, Site observations, and Assistance in commissioning.

We also offer:

-FDA Validation and independent lab equipment testing

-Third party lab equipment certification

-Evaluation of existing facilities and determining cost effective approaches to energy savings

MEP Engineering Consultants

Commissioning ​

Ensure your facility is running at optimum efficiency

Commissioning project goals:

Document the design intent, Meet client's operational needs, Verify correct installation of equipment and systems, Verify the proper operation of the systems to be commissioned.


​​Fire Protection​

Keeps your facility and everyone in it safe.

​We have extensive  experience and expertise in designing and implementing fire protection far a vast variety of facilities and settings, let us help keep you safe!


Trak Engineering, Inc.


Engineering, Fire Protection, Construction Administration, Facility Management, and Commissioning

Engineering Services ​​

Quality Engineering and design

- Mechanical Engineering:

   HVAC, HVAC controls-building automation system (BAS),        Laboratory pressure controls, Air monitoring and demand      ventilation

- Electrical Engineering

​- Plumbing Engineering

- Compliance with USP-797 & USP-800 

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